Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

That's right...we're pregnant! You're supposed to take the pregnancy test, put the cap on and leave it for several minutes...we didn't even get the cap on and we had our 2 pink lines. I has suspected I might be pregnant and had prepared cards to give to our parents to announce our special news. The front of the card had presents stamped on it and the words, "A GIFT FROM THE LORD" and the inside said, "IS LIFE" and pictures two little baby feet (made with the end of my fist). Our parents and family were very excited and very surprised. The baby is due November 9, 2005 and will be born somewhere in the states. I've felt great and had basically no morning sickness. The Lord knew what this little body could handle and blessed me with a great first trimester. As we finish out week 13, my belly is starting to show just a little. And the buttons on my fitted pants don't come close at all. I am down to the drawstring and elastic waistbands.