Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Prayer Request

In one week the Bell Trust meets to consider hundreds of applications from missionaries needing funding in some way, shape, or form. The packet from Grace Pointe on our behalf is among those applications. We ask everyone who reads this blog to pray that the Bell Trust would continue to be blessed with wisdom as they make decisions on how best to use the blessings they have been given, even if that doesn't involve us at all. While we still have a big need for startup funds to help us get Togo, we know that our needs may be secondary to others' needs. We are just thankful that there are groups like the Bell Trust out there who have a passionate heart for missions. May He continue to be glorified in all the earth!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mission Weekend Recap

Video sent by emersonstogo
We give God the praise and glory for the success of Mission Weekend.
We say thank you to the GracePointe Church for being His hands. This video was made to remember the amazing weekend of April 29-30, 2006.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Obsessive Compulsive Monkey

An Obsessive Compulsive Monkey
Video sent by brettemerson91
I took this video in Togo during the summer of 2003. This is what I would do if I was chained up all day too. I'm not a big fan of chaining monkeys to a wall...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Saturday Evening Vespers Service

The night before Mission Sunday, we had a vespers style service to kick off our 12 hour overnight prayer vigil. It was an amazing time of worship, testimony, and prayer, and everyone who attended was blessed by the Spirit being present. I have asked myself over and over, "How did Mission Sunday happen? What did God see happening at GracePointe that He chose to honor and bless?" Well, there are alot of things worth mentioning, but at the top of the list I would have to put our commitment to prayer and the retreating of ourselves. We put great effort into stepping back and not letting our agendas get in the way. I believe that when we seriously commit ourselves to something through prayer, we are acting the way God created us to, and He will bless us.

The 12 hours of prayer is still resonating through the halls and hearts of the GracePointe Church. I'm sure there will be more vigils in the future, and even more participation because of the testimonies of those who were able to particpate in this one. May we continue to seek Him in prayer as a family, and may He continue to honor our commitment to His purposes!

Also, I really like this picture I took before the service began!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


4KYS? What does 4KYS mean? Glad you asked!

4KYS can be translated to mean, "$4,000.00 Yard Sale". In case you were wondering, this pic is what a 4KYS looks like.

A yard sale that raises $4,000.00 is a pretty tiny portion of a $105,000.00 Mission Sunday offering, but it was so much more valuable than it looked on paper. The yard sale was the rallying focus of a large part of the weekend, and it really brought our church together in a big way, a way that was the perfect beginning to a weekend where we at GracePointe truly experienced something special.

The fact is that the yard sale required the most physical effort of any other part of Mission Weekend. Some brothers and sisters who willed themselves out of the comforts of their beds for the prayer vigil from about 12-6 AM Sunday morning will surely disagree, but it is definitely true that pulling off the yard sale took a Herculean effort.

Have you ever noticed that working hard together binds people in a special way? The effort and dedication of people like Arlene Morris, Ann Walker, Sandra Largen, Tamara Fox, Joy Emerson, and a great host of able-bodied men to do their bidding was at the core of the success of the yard sale. We are so thankful for this special church family that we have become a part of! God is faithful to us, and we pray that He will continue to bind us together as we begin our work among the Kabiye!