Saturday, May 06, 2006


4KYS? What does 4KYS mean? Glad you asked!

4KYS can be translated to mean, "$4,000.00 Yard Sale". In case you were wondering, this pic is what a 4KYS looks like.

A yard sale that raises $4,000.00 is a pretty tiny portion of a $105,000.00 Mission Sunday offering, but it was so much more valuable than it looked on paper. The yard sale was the rallying focus of a large part of the weekend, and it really brought our church together in a big way, a way that was the perfect beginning to a weekend where we at GracePointe truly experienced something special.

The fact is that the yard sale required the most physical effort of any other part of Mission Weekend. Some brothers and sisters who willed themselves out of the comforts of their beds for the prayer vigil from about 12-6 AM Sunday morning will surely disagree, but it is definitely true that pulling off the yard sale took a Herculean effort.

Have you ever noticed that working hard together binds people in a special way? The effort and dedication of people like Arlene Morris, Ann Walker, Sandra Largen, Tamara Fox, Joy Emerson, and a great host of able-bodied men to do their bidding was at the core of the success of the yard sale. We are so thankful for this special church family that we have become a part of! God is faithful to us, and we pray that He will continue to bind us together as we begin our work among the Kabiye!


laura bull said...

Brett and April,

We thank God that you have been blessed with what sounds like such a precious sending church. You have no idea what support that will bring to when you are on the field. God bless you each!!

Gary, Laura, and Nathan Bull

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you. You are one step closer to reaching those people in Africa. We pray for you every night and I am so happy that you will soon be bringing the gospel to those far from us. Always feel free to contact us if you need anything, we love you lots. May God continue to pour his riches upon you.

Jeremy and Jenni Knox