Thursday, June 28, 2007

Learning More About God's Kingdom

Last week we had an opportunity to help out a local Kabiye lady named Evangelique. She is bound to this hand-powered tricycle because of a bout with polio early in her life. She made the effort to make the trek down about 1/2 mile of bumpy dirt road to our home to ask for help. She has an open and badly infected sore on her foot that is causing her alot of pain. She needed some money for meds, and while we were not able to help her with everything that she needed, we were able to bless her in Jesus' name. To show her appreciation, she returned to our house about a week later. Our fleshly instinct was to assume that she was there to ask for more money, but God humbled us when she simply dropped by to say, "Thank you and God bless you."
Please pray for Evangelique. She is a sweet spirit who courageously faces a difficult life each and every day. May God bless our friendship with her, and may He continue to teach us about His kingdom through encounters with sweet Kabiye people like our friend Evangelique.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pray For The Interns

All the interns were dropped off in different villages this morning to begin their bonding weekend. Each one will live with a Christian family for two nights. I think there were probably lots of emotions this morning: excitement, fear, curiosity, anxiety, and everything else in between. I remember my bonding experience being a difficult one but also one I gained a lot of confidence from in trusting God when I had no one else (Brett and I bonded in different villages). Please pray for our 12 interns...that God would give them spiritual eyes to see things in a place where they may not understand anything that is going on, that God would give them the peace that only HE can provide, and that their hearts and minds would be open to specific things God may be trying to teach them during this exciting yet difficult experience.

You may remember an earlier post about learning to make soap. Several of the interns took supplies with them to teach their host families how to make soap. Our teammate, Becky, wrote a post on her blog about the learning experience you can read it by clicking HERE.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Team

Click on the picture for a larger image.

Ever wondered, "now who is Matt Miller?" or "who does Caleb belong to again?"... now you know. I hope this picture will help you put faces to all the names we mention in our letters and blog posts.
(Children are listed by age, not position in picture.)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Soumdina Po Wayi

Soumdina Worship
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Here is a short video of our worship time today in the village of Soumdina Po Wayi. SPW is a vibrant church that is full of enthusiasm and loves to praise God in song. The white girls in the background are 4 of our 12 college interns from Harding University. They have been a blessing to everyone that they have encountered so far in their 2 weeks living and working among us. Praise God that He is forwarding His Kingdom through the young Kabiye Christians in Soumdina Po Wayi and the young college interns who have a passion for world missions!

Africa Moment #6

What better way to start your morning than with slimy choclate seafood? Who can resist buyng chocolate clams from an exotic green bird in a tuxedo? How far will generic brand name cereals go to sell a few boxes? Hey, at least they threw in 8 vitamins...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't Take Water for Granted!

This picture shows Jonas the plumber and Adam the eletrician hunkered over the pump in our yard that brings water to our house. They are trying to fix the little machine that is causing us big problems. We have been without water sporadically for the last few months in our new home, and we finally think that we might have found the source of the problem. Please pray for our water situation!
Depsite the water troubles, everything is going quite well. The 12 interns from Harding University have arrived and are getting acclimated to life here. It is fun to watch them experience Togo and get excited about all of the little things that we take for granted, like lizards everywhere! We are very thankful that God is using them to help us see things from a fresh and different perspective once again!