Friday, June 22, 2007

Pray For The Interns

All the interns were dropped off in different villages this morning to begin their bonding weekend. Each one will live with a Christian family for two nights. I think there were probably lots of emotions this morning: excitement, fear, curiosity, anxiety, and everything else in between. I remember my bonding experience being a difficult one but also one I gained a lot of confidence from in trusting God when I had no one else (Brett and I bonded in different villages). Please pray for our 12 interns...that God would give them spiritual eyes to see things in a place where they may not understand anything that is going on, that God would give them the peace that only HE can provide, and that their hearts and minds would be open to specific things God may be trying to teach them during this exciting yet difficult experience.

You may remember an earlier post about learning to make soap. Several of the interns took supplies with them to teach their host families how to make soap. Our teammate, Becky, wrote a post on her blog about the learning experience you can read it by clicking HERE.

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