Friday, February 10, 2006

Going Home

Most people in life have that one place that they can call home. For me that place is Michigan, the Northcoast of the USA, home of the Wolverines, cold and snowy winters, and the church that I was raised in. Today I get to go back home. My father and I will once again blaze a trail up and down I-75, a trip so common to my family that neither of us can even remember how many times we've made it.

I'm going to preach at my home church and raise funds for the work God has called us to among the Kabiye. That's the main purpose for my trip. However, anytime I go home, I get a deep feeling of God's presence in my heart. For me, to go home is to remember how far the Lord has brought me in my relationship with Him. At home is where it all began, where I fell to my lowest lows, and where my redemption and reconciliation with God was initiated.

Of course there's the old friends, friends so close that there is little distinction between them and family. And there's the old stomping grounds, streets so familiar to me that it as if I never left. Of course who can forget the snow?!?! I'll get to see snow this weekend! But that's not what this trip is about.

Today I am going home to revisit my past so that I can have an even clearer view of my future in Christ.


Anonymous said...

We understand completely...

love, Mom and Dad

Jim MacKenzie said...

Brett, That is so cool you are speaking at Livonia. Remember, you have a great story to tell about grace, a loving family, and amazing friends that would not let you go! I hope things went well for you. Laurie will be up there in march doing the ladies retreat. we sure would like to see you all before you go to Africa, but it may not happen. God's blessings upon your family!

Kari said...

Hey, it was awesome seeing you, too! :)

Anonymous said...

We were glad to have you back home! :)

Laura, Chris & Kiddos