Monday, April 17, 2006

Are you reading this?

If you read our blog...we want to know! We enjoyed our weekend in Searcy and sharing Caden with lots of friends. As we talked about our lives, so many times people responded with, "Oh yea, I read that on your blog!" Really?! We had no idea so many people were reading this other than our family and a few friends. So, I want to ask you to help us out... if you read our blog, please leave us a comment. You don't have to have an account with "Blogger".

Simply click on comments below, a new screen will open and all you need to do is write a comment or just type your name in the box titled Leave your comment. Then you have several options: 1. if you do have a "Blogger" account, sign in and post 2. click other and enter your name (no web page required) 3. click anonymous ...but be sure to include your name in your comment.Once you've done that, click Publish your comment.

Your comment will then appear on our blog and we (and others) can see who is reading. Don't worry, no information (other than your name) will appear on our blog...unless you choose to type it in your comment.

Thanks for helping us! Each comment is always encouraging to us...feel free to leave one any time!


Jim MacKenzie said...

I'm reading, I just don't have a comment all the time (except I do want some of that million from the last post, Brett!)

Anonymous said...

Hi April and Brett, I read your blog each time I get the Kabiye newsletter. I am so thankful to be a prayer partner in the mission to the Kabiye and am thankful for the opportunity to be so encouraged by the wonderful things happening among the Kabiye through all of you on the team who I have Harding/HUF/Preston Rd. Church of Christ connections with. Kelly Gibson

Anonymous said...

We enjoy reading both blogs.
What a blessing it is to see the spiritual journey God is leading the three of you on. You are in our prayers daily and we are so thankful for the many ways God has blessed you.
We are very proud of your decision to follow God's calling to bring the "Good News" to the Kabiye people. We know that you will serve Him well.
Much love for the 3 of you!!
Nanna & Gran'Pa

Marie said...

I am excited to see your journey to Africa. YOu all are in our thought snad prayers!

Anonymous said...

I am both proud and humbled to be your Aunt Paula. God is using the three of you in a powerful way as an example to this generation that there are no boundaries in Our Father's World and that His Love is the universal language that we all must learn. I'm still hoping that maybe we will have time for Mya and Tristen to have that playdate with Caden before y'all leave.

Linda Tumlin said...

God bless you as you tell others the Good News. Linda Tumlin, Homewood Church of Christ

Sarah Lanning said...

I have just started reading your different blogs and feel like I am getting to know your family. I hope to come back to Togo to visit in a few years so I'll hopefully meet you there. I am excited for your family to join the team in Togo and know God will use you to do great work for Him among the Kabiye.