Friday, September 01, 2006

Our Apartment in France

Video sent by emersonstogo
Since school has yet to begin, we've had a little extra time on our hands, so we thought we would make a short video so everyone can see where we will be living for the next 4 months. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kids,
Staying in France for four months is the prize and having that much room to live in is even better!
The only problem I can see when we come to visit is the one little bitty ice know I like my ice (and diet Pepsi)!! Please tell me they sell diet Pepsi!! :)
The view actually makes the whole apartment!! Plus, wherever you three live it will be filled with lots of love!! See you in October- hugs, Mom & Dad ps A special squeeze to sweet Caden pss Happy 5th Anniversary today!!

The Emersons said...

wellllllll...coke is pretty much the biggest seller here. actually, i have never seen pepsi in europe. sorry momma!

Rick and Leslie said...

I LOVED the video!!!!!!
It was almost like being there except for the lack of hugs. =-)
Here is a big one:
Happy Anniversary!
What did you do?--- That you can blog about, of course. =-)
Best wishes as you begin school and April sweetie, Caden will be fine =-)
Love and kisses,

David and Becky Reeves said...

Hey Brett, April and Caden, We love the video. It really took us back to our days there. We didn't stay in the school housing. We were in a little apartment over a bakery and butcher in the St. Sigimond neighborhood. Ask Brigitte and she would know. The bakery and butcher are really good and not too far from the school. Anyways, the video made of think fondly of our time there and have high hopes for your time there as well. We love you guys and are praying for you. David and Becky

Erik & Sonya Luchauer said...

Dude!! You're right...that car on Caden's wall does help. I'm so glad he has that. Heheh!

Man, I'm glad that you guys have a video camera. It was great to watch the video, although it makes me miss you guys all the more.

We've got our webcam set up now, so we'll have to call sometime when its not too late for you.

john/laura said...

i want to know how it smells in your apartment.
will that be the hardest thing to get used to in france?

Anonymous said...

the video was fun you guys. I laughed out loud when Brett ate the grape. Kelly Gibson