Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Holidays

So, today is Thanksgiving...or at least what we know as Thanksgiving. There is no such holiday here in France, so the students here are having a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Saturday with turkey, dressing, and all the other side "fixins". I'm really looking forward to it, but as I sit at our computer and read our friends' blogs, I am reminded of how special the holidays are to be able to spend them with friends and family (not to mention the traditional family smells). Now, I've spent holidays away from family before and lived through them, partially because i knew it was just one holiday and I would be with them for the next one. But this year is different and somehow seems a bit harder because I know I won't be with my family for any of my favorite holidays this year...or the next five years. I know that our teammates will become our family and celebrating holidays with them will be wonderful...but this Thanksgiving, we're celebrating with people we've only known for 3 months and will possibly never see again. So everything is different and sometimes different is hard. I simply have to remind myself of why I am here and what God has called me and my family to. I will join all of you today in counting our blessings and thanking God for what He has given us...for every good thing is from the Lord.

We love you all and miss you tremendously on this special day. --April


laura bull said...

i'm right there with your sister.. right there with you! God bless you guys! Enjoy saturday and know that it was so good to talk!

Rick and Leslie said...

It was wonderful getting to hear your voice Thanksgiving Day!! Dad and I went out to eat since none of our family was together.I know you will have fun Saturday and I can't wait to read, or hear, all about it. =-)I'm thankful that you and your family are safe and everyone is realitively well. God Is watching over you!!
Love ya bunches,

Stephanie said...

April - I know it has to be tough being away from family during the holidays. I admire missionaries so much - you all sacrifice so much to lead people to God! God will bless you beyond belief!