Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nestor Revisited

In my previous post about my friend Nestor from the village of Legue Legue, I talked about how I looked forward to spending more time with him. God has provided in the form of bi-weekly teaching trips to Legue with David Reeves, one of our teammates here in Kara.
Nestor's health seems to be declining; he has a leg injury that gives him alot of pain, and he seems to be very low on energy. I took him some ibuprofen for his leg 2 weeks ago, and he was glad to receive it, but I could tell that he is discouraged by his current state of health.
Nestor's wife is a Christian, and she comes to all of the teaching times we have. Today I had David ask her in Kabiye (she doesn't speak French) if Nestor would come to the teaching times if they were closer, and she said yes. For our next visit, I hope to encourage David to move the meeting somewhere closer to Nestor's house since he doesn't have much use of his legs. He has been a nominal Christian since the beginning, but the Spirit tells me that he can be much more if he is shown more love and more attention is given to his problems.
Don't get me wrong; Nestor is a very needy person who can often be manipulative and sneaky in trying to get what he wants, but I just can't help it. My heart is full of compassion for him! I want him to know God in a way that is intimate and more than just a one way, "God what can you do for me and my problems?" relationship.
Please pray for Nestor and the rest of the village of Legue Legue. They are a struggling church, and they need God's Spirit to encourage them and bring them into deeper relationship with the Almighty. They may be hard to love at times, but that just means we need to love them that much more. Love knows no boundaries, no limits, and it does not play favorites. I commit to try and love Nestor and the people of Legue Legue just as God has loved me...

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The Luchauers said...

I love this story of Nestor...I will pray for him today. It's amazing how differently we see people when we choose to see them with a measure of GOD's love. Very encouraging! We miss you, our precious friends.
Lots of Love,