Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Village Football (or soccer if you prefer)

Recently Brett has had several chances to head out to villages to practice his Kabiye speaking and comprehension. A great way to do this is to bring a football; not a pigskin, but the kind that you actually use your feet with :)

Kicking the ball around, asking how to say a word or phrase, drawing pictures in the dirt, laughing and forming new relationships is a huge part of our work here right now. With Brett making further strides in his Kabiye, we are moving ever closer to the ultimate purpose that God called us here for: the gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Kabiye people!
**Brett is pictured here with people from the village of Pou as well as 3 of our summer interns**

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Tammie's Thoughts said...

How fun to play football with the people in the village. They all love to have their pictures taken and then get to see them. I love those smiles! Good work, Brett! You, too, April and Caden, making it on your own!