Thursday, October 11, 2007

Attention: Road Work Ahead

We are winding up the rainy season here in northern Togo, and the roads are an absolute mess. Leave it to the enterprising youth of our country to step up and solve the problem!

On my way out to the village of Koumea Laou to practice my Kabiye language skills this week, I came across these two youngsters engaging in a very ambitious activity: They were trying to fix the road, one small shovel full at a time!

They don't do this for free, of course. All over Togo right now as I write there are young boys filling in potholes and hoping that some kind soul will stop and pay them a few coins. These two actually did a pretty decent job on their little 6 foot stretch of road, so I stopped and paid them 200 CFA for their effort, about 40 cents. They were very happy to receive such a gift, and if you look closely you can see the boy on the left holding up his coin for the camera. God has given these two the gift of entrepreneurship!


Tammie's Thoughts said...

Wow! They will think you are such a generous white man! Hopefully you will have the oportunity to tell those boys about Jesus one day!

Sarah and Allen Gillespie said...


Brett, April, Caden & baby #2 said...

hopefully they'll just think i'm a generous MAN, miss tammie :)