Sunday, March 30, 2008

Furlough Reflections

Well, furlough '08 is 4 days old already. Here are some thoughts I've had since arriving on Thursday...

- I like brushing my teeth with cool, fresh water straight from the tap.
- Cold weather is so underrated that it sickens me.
- What is cold or hot depends completely upon perspective.
- I have a really great family.
- Everything is easy here.
- I really like my life in Togo.
- People watching is really fun when you haven't watched Americans in a whole year! What a funny bunch we are!
- I truly do understand why people don't like it (or even hate it in some cases), but I really like Walmart. Sorry.
- March Madness!
- I wish Netflix delivered to Togo.
- Worshiping, fellwoshiping and serving with hundreds of other believers is a gift from God and a part of His plan for our lives that should be cherished and held onto with the utmost urgency.
- If this economy is headed towards (or is already in) a recession, you sure wouldn't know it by outward appearances only.
- Order and chaos both have their place in this world. Too often one is viewed positively and the other negatively.
- Kohls is a great store and I love shopping with April!
- My brother and sister-in-law are really great people that I have loads of respect and love for.
- Having a 2 year old is simultaneously the greatest and most frustrating thing on the face of the earth.
- Having a sweet 4 month old is mostly just great :)
- Seeing people that you haven't seen in 12 months is great, but at times a little awkward. However, I love the genuine hugs that we have received from so many people since we arrived on Thursday. God is giving us what we need!

More later...


The Luchauers said...

This is great! I hope it's not awkward when we see you. You know how awkward we can be...

laura said...

Amen Amen Amen!

Joshua and Julie Marcum said...

You're travels are definitely in our prayers! We'll be experiencing our own furlough reflections in 2 months - but I must say - yours made me laugh and nod in agreement. Any chance we'll overlap in time or place?

Tammie's Thoughts said...

Like I put on your other blog, I can't wait to see all four of you and one thing I have to agree with on your post, if you can't find it at Walmart, you don't need it!

Now about the hugs....just get ready, cause you're going to get them - lots of them from me no matter...I have lots of time to make up for!

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed seeing you at Livonia, Brett! I'm sorry we weren't able to see April and the boys, but I got updates from my mom.

We especially enjoyed your sermon. It was so interesting to hear about church in Africa and receive a language lesson!

:) The Kings