Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Furlough Reflections

One week to go for furlough 2008. It's been a great ride in every way, but we're getting close to being ready to be home in Togo. We say close because how can you want to go anywhere when you're enjoying Malibu??? :)

- HD television really is much better than the regular stuff.
- Drivers in this part of California are incredibly kind and courteous to pedestrians, and those same pedestrians do a great job of respecting laws and using common sense. This is literally the exact the opposite of my life in Togo.
- Tonight we sang songs old and new with a few thousand other believers, and I cried through the first 4 songs. My respect for corporate worship has never been at a higher level in my entire life.
- I love watching the NBA playoffs!
- Bonding with our sponsoring church takes a great amount of energy, and it is worth everything we've poured into it.
- We love our families, and not just because they are our families; we truly enjoy being around them.
- We have incredible friends and we are humbled by their love for us.
- We saw Uncle Sam Shewmaker and his better half Nancy tonight. What a blessing they have been to our lives and so many others!
- The #1 thing I would add to the list of things I can find to drink in Togo would be the Aloha Pineapple Smoothie (with an immunity boost) from Jamba Juice. #2 would be Blue Moon :)
- Theology in the Church of Christ is changing, and the change is for the better. Much of the messed up theology from the Church of Christ I knew growing up will soon be gone. I pray that my generation and the ones to come always search for a better understanding of what God wants from us and are always willing to grow and change as the Spirit leads.
- Everything is easy here in America. Seriously. REALLY easy!


Teresa said...

Glad furlough is going well. Make sure you plan time to "recover" when you return home. :-)
Todd has also recently discovered Blue Moon. He says it's great. I'll take your word for it.

Diane said...

I have to say I totally agree with your comment about everything in America being really easy. Even after 8 years here, I am still enjoying it!
Grace and peace, Diane