Saturday, August 16, 2008

Internet, Schminternet

Who needs the internet, really? Truth be told, we all do, in one way or another. Here in Togo, we have set up our lives to be somewhat dependent on a reliable internet connection, and as I sit here and type, I realize that we may have made a mistake on the front end :)

So few things are reliable here. After our house was struck by lightning almost 2 weeks ago, we didn't expect to have our phone line repaired (and thus our internet) for quite awhile. Even after visiting the telephone company office and being assured that a technician was on his way, we knew better than to really think that it would happen. And so, 2 weeks later, our phone line is finally fixed...but the internet still is not working. I'm sitting at a local restaurant that happens to have wireless internet (a marvel in and of itself) and pondering my next move. We have set up our lives to be dependent on the internet; after making that bed, we are now lying in it :)

My mom said that we must be doing some good things over here because bad things keep happening to us, and maybe there is wisdom in that. We will continue to take it in stride, and we ask everyone back home to do the same with us. We may not get back to you in a timely fashion, but we will eventually, we promise. We love and value you all so very much!


Nanna and Gran'Pa said...

It is good to "hear" that you all are OK. I am thankful that the lightning just took out your Internet and phone, but NOT any of you!!!! Praise God that the 4 of you are safe!
When you get your internet up and going we will look forward to future posts that we have all come to enjoy and rely on to know that all is well with you.
Love you dearly and thankful that God is holding you close,
Momma G <><

The Luchauers said...

We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!
-E & S