Friday, October 10, 2008

Africa Moment #9 - Ghana 4 Obama

I guess this is more of a series of Africa moments. I have been informally interviewing alot of Africans lately, and they have so far been 100% for Senator Obama. It would be completely normal to see dozens upon dozens of Obama '08 bumper stickers, shirts, hats and even large banners on the streets and malls of just about any town in America. But to see this in Togo and even more so in Ghana just seems strange.
It shows me that the world is watching; it also shows me that many of these residents of small West African nations care more about who is president in my homeland than I do! I readily admit my apathy towards politics, but this election has something special about it, and its not Senator McCain :) Not since I was living in Italy in the fall of 2000 and saw the craziness of the Bush/Gore debacle unfold from afar have I been at all interested in who is running things. This year I may just drive the 6 hours down to the American Embassy and cast my vote. It would be incredible to think back and realize that it was a group of Ghanaians I met at the Accra airport while waiting for visitors to arrive that inspired me to jump back into the politial process!


Thomas said...

Recently, following the last presidential debate, I unplugged our cable. I've followed the political stuff like a good drama show for the past too many months and I've just decided enough is enough. It's funny to hear 'Ghana for Obama'. I look forward to turning the tv back on after the election is over!

Chad Emerson said...

Don't worry, bro, you're not missing anything very inspiring over here in the States. Both candidates have resorted to the conventional politics of demogoguery, position-changing, and personalizing the election.

You should have seen the last debate at Belmont in Nashville. Both candidates moved their mouths for 90 minutes but pretty much the only thing that came out were canned phrases and preplanned talking points. It was terribly depressing to see.

Worse still, both present themselves as changers and mavericks but, as pressure builds, neither have inspired many besides their own pre-existing supporters.

Sadly, the shiny varnish has wore off both McCain and Obama. I don't look forward to the election of either one as being a good thing for our country.

Frankly, the only reason I'm even considering voting at all is that one candidate values God's miracle of human life more than the other.

But, even with that, I'm hardly excited to go to the polls.

Ultimately, here's the problem: neither candidate (and its seems many candidates in general) is willing to lose if thats what is the result of standing up for their true beliefs.

In the big picture, it's that willingness to lose an election, rather than change and/or disguise your true views, that would be inspiring.

Neither of these gentlemen appear willing to take that higher ground. They've decided that the means justify the ends--even if one undercuts their own credibility in obtaining that authority.

In these perilous times, America needs great leaders. It does not appear to me that either of these candidates define that role. I'd save the gas and use if for another village well--that would be a much more effective use of resources than voting for either of these individuals.

Leslie said...

I agree with Chad!