Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One of the Many Reasons

One of the many reasons I love our job of living in Togo...These yummy veggies (tomatoes and green beans) came from someone we have helped financially in the past. But it's not just a one time thing, we have had special deliveries from many of our friends. It is such a blessing to be thanked with the things that they have. Every time it reminds me of a different story from the Bible when someone gave what they could or what was precious to them. We chose to help these people without the expectation of ever receiving anything, so you can imagine the feeling to open the door one day to this enormous gift. I love this job.


Miss G said...

What a blessing! Once last year in the parent loop after school I had a ziploc of homegrown tomatoes handed out to me through the car window! What a blessing! What a testament to the ways that God is working in their hearts leading them to give. Kelly

Leslie G said...

Yes, you are very blessed and I am thankful that you are. =-)
Love you all!

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