Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Twins

Back in July, we introduced our supporters to these two little twins. Elise and Eli.

A few days ago, Assiki and his wife came to visit with the twins.

I could have played all day with these two little ones...so cute!

They are now around 8 months old and doing great. Thank you for praying for them and their family. Please continue to pray for these little ones as they grow and learn.


Joy said...

Those babies are sooo precious!! Definitely two peas in a pod! By the way, Corban looks "big" and "pale" next to them! :)
hugs, MOM

Indie said...

They are so beautiful.

Nanna said...

How adorable!!! I know you had a blast playing with them. Wish I could have been there as well. =-)