Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Alibi Baptism Video

This one from my friend Matt, who attended the baptisms with me. Enjoy God's greatness!


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!! I just saw this video and my heart held incredible joy as I saw each one of these precious souls being baptized. What an incredible experience. Thank you, THANK YOU, for sharing it with us.
think of you guys so often and hoping that God will continue to bless you and keep you well. Love to you all..... Kama :-)

Leslie said...

How wonderful the love of God is for these new Christians!
Tell them we are praying for them in their walk with God. =-)
Leslie and Rick

Anonymous said...


Baptism video filled with heart with 'joy inexpressible and full of glory!'Surely, the Kabiye reponse to baptism reminds me of that of the Ethiopian court official in Acts 8 ... "and he went on his way rejoicing." Ah, we have much to learn from the Kabiye people about 'rejoicing!'

Grace and peace,

Scotty Harris

Anonymous said...

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