Saturday, July 15, 2006

You Want to Take Me WHERE?!

Caden has now received his first passport. He is officially allowed to leave the country. When we told him this was so he could move to Africa...this is the face we got.

O.K., not really, but it makes a good post, don't ya think?


Rick and Leslie said...

Are you sure it's not "Nanna can I stay with you?!?" After all I was there when the picture was taken. =-)All kidding aside Caden is in for a big adventure that is all a part of God's will. How exciting!

Jim MacKenzie said...

Laurie and I will be praying for your packing, trip, and adjustment to Europe and then Africa.

Brett, God has already done great things in your life. Isn't he amazing for bringing you to this point? May he bless everything you do in Togo.

Jim Mac

The Emersons said...

Thanks and amen Jimbo, it sure is fun to be a part of His purposes...