Saturday, July 29, 2006

Visa d'Entree

The process has begun! Thank you to everyone that had been praying for this. After waiting over an hour, it was our turn to talk to the "lady behind the glass". Once again, Caden was a hit...even among the French. At first, we were told we would have to make an appointment to come back and apply for Caden's visa since he wasn't actually a student. Then, after she talked to someone back in the office, she said they were going to make an exception and just take care of Caden's visa for us without an appointment. The only thing we have to do is mail in a few items that weren't acceptable the way we had brought them and then we can pick our visas up in about two weeks. Praise God! This is one more item we can check off our to-do list.

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laura bull said...

We are praising God with you!!! Especially with all of the headaches we have had here with our visa experience, we pray that once you are in Africa it will go just as smoothly as well! God bless.

The Bulls