Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Special Blessing

We spent Sunday night with one of the homegroups from GracePointe. They made a quilt for us that contained the symbol our team uses showing an outline of Africa with a cross in the middle and a loop around Africa depicting that God's love will encircle the continent. That would have been enough...but they had prayer knots sewn onto the cross. They took the quilt to church and as people tied the knots, a prayer was said on our behalf. We have a list of everyone that tied a knot. There are over 365 knots. That's more than one prayer for each day of the year. Now that's love!


Marie said...

How amazing to see the love and passion that this church has for your mission. Hopefully when times get tough you can look at that quilt and be reminded of all the people who prayed for your journey,life and future. You are in our prayers as you go into the world to teach.

Rick and Leslie said...

Brett & April,
I have never seen a church send off a missionary couple with such love and support as Grace-Pointe!!
God has richly blessed you with the Grace-Pointe family!!!! God will do amazing things through all of you.

Thank you Grace -Pointe for taking such good care of our children and of us while we were there. We know now that you love them as much as we do, and we love you so much more because of that fact.
God bless you Grace-Pointe Church!

In Him,
Rick and Leslie Gillespie

laura bull said...

Now that is a SUPPORTING congregation. We prayed for you guys tonight in our team prayer time, knowing that you will be hitting the road soon. We are praying for you each, that God will give you strength as vision for what lies ahead, as it is hard to leave what lies behind. God bless you all!

Kama Mason said...

Brett, April & Caden, How I praise God for your safety so far. I am so excited for you all, because I know God is going to accomplish great things through you. Your leaving is only a physical loss for us, not spiritial, and you will be in my prayers and thoughts daily. God bless you and keep you safe, healthy and full of love.
In Christ, Kama Mason