Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Blessings of Church Family

Yesterday we watched worhsip services at GracePointe via webcam. To "be" there really was an amazing blessing! At the end of service, our webcam video was put up on the big screen, and our church family was able to see and hear us LIVE! I think just seeing Caden sent people into tears...After the service, people could come up to the webcam and say hi to us, and we saw it and heard it in real time. This was the best Christmas present we could have received, and it filled our hearts at a time when we really needed it. Thanks to my brother, Chad, and all the other GP'ers who made it happen. We love you!

We leave for Togo on January 4th, a little over 2 weeks from today. We are sad to leave France, but beyond excited to be in with our teammates in Togo, exactly where we have wanted to be for months and years now. We love it when a plan comes together, and God's plans always do. Peace!


Anonymous said...

It was SO great to see you guys yesterday!! It was a huge blessing for us as well. Glad you're doing well and good luck with the next big move!

laura bull said...

my heart is sooooo excited for you guys that you got to experience that again! What a HUGE blessing! You guys are in our prayers over the next few weeks as you transition once again! (and your container too :)

Chad said...

Sorry to be chiming in late but huge thanks to Rick Simonton who came through in the clutch and figured out how to feed the live video to Brett and April in Francois.

Up until then, we could see and hear them but they could only hear us. Rick downloaded something (quite probably illegal :) from the 'net and--presto--the GracePointe Church, Albertville Branch was broadcasting in living color!

Combine that with the fact that you can now fly direct from Atlanta to Accra, Ghana (knocking off up to 10 hours on the previous routes to get to Togo from Montgomery) and suddenly the world seems increasingly smaller...

Good luck on the trip down to Togo. Oh, and while I hate to bring it up now, I think that Wes accidently left an open can of mayonnaise in the container... ;)