Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We're Finished!!!

Finals. Are. OVER!!! Yep, we made it through our semester of French with flying colors. We're not fluent or anything, and we know that our time as students of the French language is far from over, but God has blessed us with what we need for right now.

Language learning is such a funny thing; different people learn in totally different ways, and we are perfect examples of that. April can tell you anything you want to know about grammar or vocabulary, but Brett can speak with a lot more fluency and confidence. The two will even out eventually, but for right now, we are the perfect complements to each other, just like always. It's not up to us anyways, because language is not a possession to be acquired by our money and hard work; it is a gift that is the Lord's to give, and we thank Him for what He has given us so far....

We'll get our grades on Friday and if they're good, we might just post them :)


Anonymous said...

It's so obvious to us that God has fully "equipped" you two in every way! We were impressed with your progress in October so we know you are even better now!
It's one of life's great privileges to see God working in your very own children.
Thank you sweet Father.
hugs, Mom and Dad

The Luchauers said...

What's that at the bottom of the first column...a "G"!?! Man, how can you do that bad?

Seriously though...nice work. I'm proud to be a friend of such awesome people.

Gioietta said...

Tres bien! sorry, no accent available yet. I know it's been a while ago, but congrats on finish school. I know learning will never be over. Especially since it will be french afrikans!
Embraces, Miriam (and Jon and Jeremiah)