Monday, January 01, 2007

The Time Has Come

Our time in Albertville is quickly coming to an end. On January 3rd, we will board the train and head to Paris where we'll spend the night before flying to Accra, Ghana. We will be in Accra for a few days as well as Tabligbo (home of missionary friends) and Lome in Togo. We have several things to take care of in the "big" cities before traveling north to our new home in Kara. We hope to post soon after our arrival so everyone will know we made it safely. Until then, please be praying for our travels...espcially with a 14 month old. After 3 years of "traveling", our journey has finally brought us to our destination...Africa. Praise God!

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Patty said...

Welcome home. Wish we could share those first golden days with you. You'll be in our prayers as you get settled and start the long, arduous task ahead. God is faithful. Hug our Tabligbo family for us.

the Slacks