Friday, May 25, 2007

April's 1st Village Visit

Last week Becky Reeves invited me to join in going to the ladies out in Soumdina Po Wayi. I was excited for the opportunity because they were going to be teaching her how to make soap. Becky is doing a series of lessons on cleanliness. When she discovered during her last visit that some of the ladies knew how to make soap, she asked them to teach her. Becky had planned on teaching a lesson about clean water in addition to the story of the woman at the well....but as is typical in Africa, things don't always go as planned. The lady that seems to be in charge was in another village visiting her sick brother, therefore, no one was there to teach us to make soap or to hear the lesson. We did, however, schedule a time to return in a few weeks to learn how to make soap (and share the lesson). We're looking foward to bringing some of the interns with us. Our hope is that the interns can each teach their host families during bonding how to make soap, as so few Kabiye people know how to make, or have access to, soap in the villages.


Anonymous said...

Hey April,
When you learn the soap recipe, would you post it?
I especially hope the interaction and the lesson you will present also go well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, me too. I'd like to get some new soap recipes or even to buy as I'm going to add them to my new collection of soap recipes here. Please keep up posting. Thanks!