Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Car Troubles

I received a call from Brett this morning. They had left Ghana and were in Togo when they had car trouble. Several of the missionaries here in Togo that have Toyota Prados have had a tire completely fall off the car. Well, it happened to Brett today with a car full of interns. They are all safe and Brett sounded very calm and "oh well, that's Africa for ya" on the phone. I'm sure for the interns it was a nice welcome to Africa cultural experience. Please be praying the car is fixed and will hold for another month until our new truck arrives.


Tammie's Thoughts said...

Blessings on you all! I hope Brett was close to a village or some tire repair shack!

Sarah and Allen Gillespie said...

oh good, you haven't gotten the new car yet. I thought maybe the tire fell off the NEW car. That would have been the worst.

lauren said...

I hope that you got your new car. It'll be a great help...I'm quite an environmentalist so i hated cars which undergone exhaust modifications. Except from buying hybrids, there are still some ways to help... my co-worker suggested that we try Nissan EGR Valve that greatly helps in lowering smog production. Goodluck to our mission.