Sunday, June 07, 2009

Goodbye Eli

This morning Asiki came to us saying that one of the twins was in the hospital again. A few hours later, he returned to tell us that Eli had died. We are saddened of this news and are still trying to process it. There are mixed emotions running through us. This is not uncommon here for children to die before they are one yet is there something we could have done? We're thankful Eli was/is not Asiki's only child. As parents ourselves, it is never easy to watch someone lose a child. We are not clear what caused him to die, although, Asiki was saying he had "bad blood" again. It's possible that Eli had a problem that could not be handled here.

Our hearts are morning this loss...but know that Eli is no longer in pain. Pray with us for Asiki, his wife, and Elise (the other twin) as they mourn the loss of Eli. He would have turned one this month.


Miss G said...

This breaks my heart! Such a handsome, handsome boy. Kelly

Nanna and Gran'Pa said...

What sad news. I was so hoping he was getting better.
I know this must be hard to handle right now. Know that God will give you the right words when they are needed. Please know that we continue to pray for all of you!
WE love you dearly.

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