Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another Ankle Injury

Well, I have mangaed to sprain my ankle yet AGAIN! It's the right one this time. Nick Faris and I took a trip to Searcy on Monday to watch his brother play soccer. After the game, we had a choice between playing basketball or playing XBox. I chose wrong!!! At game point in the third and possibly final pick-up game at the Downtown Church of Christ, I was passed the ball just behind the 3-point line. I tried to make a quick cut to my right, and most of my body complied. My right ankle did not. A hideous popping sound was heard by all, and swelling occured almost immediately. I am blessed with great friends who helped me to the car, took me back to the Baur's apartment, put ice on my ankle, and then destroyed me at Halo. It was a great night of bonding.
So, I guess I will be without one of my life's passions for the next 6 weeks or so. Playing basketball, while very important to me, is put into perspective when I need my wife's help just to take a shower or pick out my clothes for the day. Thank God for her and her wonderful servant heart. So if you see me in the next few weeks, don't ask me to play basketball. That would be rubbing salt on my wound. And don't call me "gimp" or "crip". Seriously, it gets old!!!

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