Friday, September 03, 2004

August 2004

August 2, 2004. With Brett graduated and our church goodbyes said, several of our friends joined us in loading a U-haul. This U-haul would carry us and our posessions from Searcy, Arkansas (our home for the past 3 years) to Memphis, Tennessee. On August 3rd, we unloaded the U-haul at 6307 Hawks Call Lane...the home of Rick and Leslie Gillespie, April's parents. We literally took over the 2nd floor of their home with all of our "stuff". We submitted our applications at Harding Academy to be substitute teachers at the elementary and high school levels. On Saturday, August 7th, we traveled to Nashville where we spent time with Brett's family and celbrated Grandma Emerson's 80th birthday. We flew from Nashville to Los Angeles, California on the 11th and spent time with family and friends. The first weekend we stayed with April's brother and sister-in-law, Allen and Sarah Gillespie. It was great to spend time with them and not have to share them with parents or other family members. Sunday, the 15th, the spent the night with Jason and Leah Tomlinson, friends from Harding University. The 17th through the 20th we spent at Yosemite National Park with Marcus and Jessicca Moore, more friends from Harding. This was our vacation.

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