Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brett Surveys Southern Sudan

One of the wonderful opportunities we have here in Africa is being a part of exploring un-churched areas. Often there are people who are willing to be missionaries but don't know where there's a need. Brett, Matt, and 6 other students from Harding University are currently in the middle of a survey trip of Southern Sudan. You can read more information about the country of Sudan by clicking here. Now before anyone starts asking, "Isn't there a lot of unrest in Sudan?" I'll put your minds to rest. Yes, there is unrest in parts of Sudan...Northern Sudan, and as you can see from the map of North Africa, Sudan is HUGE. Brett and Matt assured their wives they would be no where near the areas of unrest.

I have been able to talk to Brett a few short times. The only things I know are that everyone is doing well (praise God), he is ready to come home and see his family while at the same time really enjoying the trip, God is guiding their steps and opening doors for them to find lots of information about the people there, and the Africans there are really tall (6 ft.).

They will return to Kara on August 11th. Please be praying for their safety and that God would continue to guide their steps so that His Word can be spread to another part of the world.

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Tammie's Thoughts said...

You are one brave young woman, April, and I am so proud of you! May God continue to bless you richly as you serve Him! And I will be and have been praying for Brett and the team.