Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tough Trucks and Tuesday Afternoons

Today my teammate Matt Miller and I were up in the Kabiye mountain region, an area that has several paths on which to drive, but few that actually qualify as roads. Thank God that He has provided us with big, strong trucks to carry the Gospel into hard to reach areas...

Matt heading back to his truck after scoping out the road ahead. We had to turn back because the road was so bad!

Matt and I are doing research in the Kabiye mountain region each Tuesday, trying to figure out where new evangelism might be needed. We have found that there are very few churches, and most of those are Catholic, and most of those Catholic buildings don't have people in them. We had a good conversation with some Kabiye men by the side of the road during our research trip today. One man said that there was no church in their village, and that he and few others had been meeting occasionally to sing some songs, but that they needed some guidance and direction. They asked us to come back and teach them, and how can we refuse an invitation like that? Matt will be heading back to that same village next Tuesday to meet with these men again and further build a relationship. I will unfortunately be in Accra picking up our new teammates, Matt and Grace Hangen, who will be with us here in Togo for a month-long stay. I will be back with Matt the following Tuesday though, and I can already see God working through these Tuesdays to spread His Kingdom among the Kabiye. I can also see that Tuesday afternoon is fast becoming one of my favorite times during the week...

Pray with us! Pray that God will show us the way to go, that He will provide everything that we need, that He will open the hearts of the Kabiye people in this unreached mountain region, that He will speak through us and that He will bless us with the gift of language (this last one is especially important to me!). I will keep you updated on the progress we are making in the weeks and months ahead...


Daniel said...

Hello Brett, April, and Caden! This is Daniel Fosbinder, Betsy's cousin (I went to Harding for a bit before moving back to Tennessee).

I had no idea you guys were in Africa, I found the site today while browsing Betsy's new blog. I have spent the past few hours reading all your posts about your journey, from leaving home to where you are now.

It takes a ton of courage and faith to do what you guys are doing, I'm not sure I could ever take that leap but I hope someday to try.

I married Jessica Coleman, my girlfriend of 5 years this past June and we are settling into a new life here in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We will keep you guys in our prayers and hope to maybe see you and talk with you about your experiences as we search for our calling in this world as well.

May God bless and keep you all!


Tammie's Thoughts said...

Just have to say that I love the new photo that you have put on the top of your blog. Caden is precious even from behind and I love thse boots!

I am praying for your wowrk, too!