Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sudan Survey

Praise God! We have had an amazing last few weeks working for the Kingdom here in Africa. Notice we said Africa, not just Togo. While we have been busy in ministry here at our home in Kara, God gave Brett the opportunity to minister on the other side of the continent, in Sudan. As you probably know, Sudan has been in a state of war and unrest for the better part of the last 20 years. Fighting still continues in the northwestern region of Darfur, but the south of Sudan has been living in peace for the last 2 years. Brett, along with his teammate Matt Miller and several other missionaries, are interested in bringing the Gospel to this recovering region, just as the door is opening up because of the end of the civil war.

This picture is of two of the college students that Brett and Matt took with them. They were one of two couples on the trip who are seriously considering southern Sudan as long-term mission field. They were able to gather information and "scout out the land" in preparation for possibly moving to this region in the next few years. Also pictured are William Deng, Johnson Mading, and Jacob Deng. They are 3 Sudanese Christians from the Dinka tribe who accompanied us on our journeys and served as translators for our interviews with locals. Please pray for these 3 men as labor to bring their people into fellowship with our Lord. Pray also for the young people that God is raising up to harvest the spiritual fields of southern Sudan!

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Jason Tomlinson said...

OK, where are you guys in Kara? I wanna find your hut on google earth!